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Company directors have responsibilities to represent and promote the interests of the company. In pursuit of this, they have a range of duties that must be fulfilled, such as complying with the company’s constitutional documents.
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Directors’ Statutory Duties in the UK


Directors’ fiduciary duties are set out in the Companies Act 2006. These duties are:

    To act within the powers set out in the company’s constitution
    To promote the success of the company
    To exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence
    To use independent judgement
    To avoid conflicts of interest
    To declare any personal interest in company transactions or arrangements
    To keep a record of the board’s decision-making process

If a company director breaches his or her legal duties, a company can take legal action against the director if the breach causes loss or damage. In these cases, the director is normally suspended or permanently removed from their position, and the company initiates proceedings. The director could incur personal liability and, in serious cases, a criminal penalty. Possible remedies include injunction, restoration of property and damages.

Breach of Directors’ Duties Advice

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