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A Shareholder Agreement regulates the relationship between the shareholders of a company. This contract will include details on the shareholders’ rights, as well as the responsibilities they owe to each other and the company.

If you are concerned that a shareholder is in breach of the terms of a Shareholder Agreement, you should seek legal advice from an experienced commercial litigation and dispute resolution solicitor without delay, to protect your business and preserve your commercial relationships where possible.

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Shareholder Agreement Breaches


Shareholder Agreements may be breached in a variety of circumstances. Examples include where:

    a shareholder sells assets without authorisation;
    a decision is made without the required majority;
    shares are transferred in a way that contravenes the rules set out in the Agreement; or
    confidentially obligations are breached.

If other shareholders suffer loss as a consequence of the breach, they may have a claim for breach of contract and be entitled to damages or other significant remedies, such as an injunction.

Dealing with Shareholder Agreement Breaches

The best way to resolve the matter will depend on the facts involved. The Shareholders’ Agreement, alongside the company’s Articles of Association, will provide direction on how to deal with disputes of this kind – if they are well-drafted.
At Morgan Legal, we have many years of experience dealing with shareholder disputes, including those involving Shareholder Agreement breaches. We assist business clients at all stages, from preparing clear and comprehensive Shareholder Agreements to managing disputes regarding matters contained in these contracts. In every case, we provide prompt, strategic advice and support to protect your commercial interests.

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