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Contractual disputes regarding the supply of goods or services are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the business world. Disagreements can occur when one of the parties fails to supply goods or services in line with the terms of the contract. A common example is where there is a late payment or failure to make a payment because one party believes the goods or services are defective or not of the expected quality.
While you may know your rights when it comes to buying goods as a private individual in a shop, the same rules do not always apply when buying as a business. The law treats business-to-business contracts and business-to-consumer contracts differently. For example, businesses do not get “cooling off” periods when signing up to contracts on business premises or at a distance. Unless the contract expressly gives a cooling-off period, you will not have one. Similarly, much of the legislation relating to unfair contract terms does not apply in a business-to-business contract.
If you are involved in a dispute over defective goods or services, Morgan Legal will fight your corner and protect your business from significant cost and disruption. We can take instruction from clients across Scotland, whatever the business sector. Your case will be handled by our senior partner, Yvonne Morgan, who has over 30 years’ experience handling all types of legal commercial disputes.
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When you instruct Morgan Legal to handle your commercial dispute, we will review the contract carefully and take the time to understand the cause of the conflict and the outcome you wish to achieve so that we can provide a clear and robust strategy for success. In most cases, we encourage our clients to use negotiation and mediation and other alternative methods of resolution. However, where we consider court action to be the best way to deliver the right outcome, we will apply our expert litigation knowledge and techniques.

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