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Businesses can face financial difficulties for many reasons. Insolvency law is complex and the case law is continually evolving. Business owners facing the possibility of insolvency – whether of their own business or a customer’s or supplier’s company – require legal guidance to negotiate the process carefully.
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Can Directors Be Liable?


When a company is in financial trouble, the behaviour of its directors comes under scrutiny. If the company goes into liquidation, the liquidator or administrator can hold directors personally liable if they failed to act in the interests of the company and its creditors. These claims are pursued so that directors are asked to compensate the company for the benefit of the company’s creditors.

For such claims to succeed there must be evidence of some kind of wrongdoing or misconduct by directors, such as misfeasance, breaches of statutory or fiduciary duties, or a contravention of the insolvency legislation, such as wrongful or fraudulent trading, or an undervalued transaction or unfair preference. Generally, however, if a director wishes to minimise their risk of liability, they must act in good faith and be proactive, recording and explaining any action they have taken prior to insolvency arising.

When the directors of a company believe that it may be, or risks becoming insolvent, they should immediately seek legal advice from specialist insolvency solicitors for guidance on what steps should be taken. Directors must consider what formal insolvency processes may be open to the company to protect the interests of its creditors. Failure to take appropriate action can see directors become personally liable for certain acts and omissions. 

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